Metal Detectors for Security and Treasure Hunting

Garrett. Ace. Passport. These big names in metal detectors are South Africa’s leading metal detectors for sale. We stock a wide range for all your needs - whether you have a security focus, or you’re an avid treasure hunter.

Security companies use both our hand-held metal detectors or walk-through metal detectors.

And if you’re a treasure diver or treasure hunter prospecting for relics and hunting for jewels and coins, our all-terrain and sports metal detectors are just the ticket to get you finding buried treasure - wherever it may be lurking.

Buy SA’s BEST Metal Detectors!

Sport Treasure Hunting                                                  Security Metal Detectors

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Get the Best Metal Detectors and Security Solutions

We have decades of experience in sourcing and providing metal detectors for sale - for both security and treasure hunting. Our team is trained and skilled in product sales and customer service. We work to find just what you need - and provide you with the best fit for your needs.

Our goal is your satisfaction.

Metal detectors are synonymous with trust and security - and these values underpin the way we do business. We are committed to honesty and integrity in everything we do. This has earned us the trust of clients we value - clients like you. We solve identification, security and occupational health and safety problems. We have done so for over 36 years. And we will continue to maintain the same level of service for many years to come.

We choose brands known for their quality and support. And we offer the same excellent service. So you have peace of mind knowing you're getting the best security. Over the past 35 years we have built a solid national infrastructure in South Africa. We have a growing distribution network throughout Africa, too. And we invest in the skills development of our partners and team all the time - so that we can offer you excellence.


We source the best metal detectors for identifying and reducing potential risks. Our main focus is to reduce the wide range of threat and theft risks in the government, corporate, industrial and private sectors.

We have also made our mark on the world stage. Being awarded preferred supplier status for both the ICC Cricket in 2003 and FIFA World Cup Soccer in 2010 is the proof. We supplied, installed and supported the access control screening equipment - nationwide.

Treasure Hunting

Nothing beats the thrill of finding buried treasure. It's a sport, a hobby, and an adventure. State-of-the-art metal detecting equipment for treasure hunting increases your chances of success - and makes it a whole lot more fun, too!



How do you know who should be allowed on your premises - and who shouldn't? Having a way to identify your staff and visitors lets you decide easily. This keeps your premises secure.

We offer top of the line identification services. We offer ID equipment, cards and solutions to meet your needs. We supply government, corporates, education facilities and industry.

Occupational Health and Safety

Alcohol abuse in the workplace is a growing problem. We sell equipment to measure alcohol intake. This makes staff less prone to drink on the job. That means fewer accidents. And fewer accidents mean a safer work space.

We are as concerned about safety on the roads as we are about safety at work. That's why we have sponsored alcohol measuring equipment to the Road Traffic Management Corporation. We support the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020. We are working with law enforcement and traffic officials around SA to keep death off our roads in South Africa.


If you need a metal detector for sport or security, you're at the right place. Contact us to order yours.

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