All About Metal Detectors in Africa

Security firms use metal detectors to spot risks to the safety of those nearby. Walk-through scanners and hand-held metal detectors are a quick way to check everyone who visits your site – and they’re not invasive.

Security technology is changing fast – and it’s making it easier to keep your space safe and secure. Keeping up with these changes is vital. It’s the only way to be sure you’re as secure as possible.

This is equally true when it comes to treasure hunting. Metal detectors make treasure hunting a lot more fun – and a whole lot easier, too.

Since Doculam’s birth in 1979, our goal has been to keep pace with this technology. We do this by sourcing the best international and local brands.

We choose the best products for the job, based on what you need. And we know what you need, because we listen. We understand your challenges. And we find the best way to solve them.

Metal Detectors – Our Mission

We aim to dominate sub-Saharan and central regions of Africa in the metal detectors market. Our goal is to become the primary preferred supplier of metal detectors in the majority of African countries.

Specifically, our goal is to achieve 85% of the market share metal detectors in 90% of African countries south of Uganda.

We will achieve this market penetration by supplying the best quality metal detectors, and outstanding service.

We can supply excellent products because we have built strong relationships with the world’s best suppliers of metal detectors. We will continue to grow and nurture those relationships, to entrench our footprint Africa.

We develop a loyal customer base by identifying and empowering key resellers in each region or area. We equip these partners with the tools and skills they need to become excellent metal detector sales outlets.

Because our core values are integrity and efficient, ethical customer service, we will only partner with resellers who share the and we will provide continuous training to ensure they maintain and develop these for values even further.

We consistently invest in our own people locally and abroad, to share our vision for a wide-reaching metal detectors to her sales company with a strong ethical foundation.

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