Garrett ACE™ 150

ACE 150

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Includes a 6.5" x 9" PROformance™ submersible searchcoil.

With the quality and performance of the ACE 150, you can begin finding treasure right away—in your own backyard or wherever you travel.

Highly Recommended
- Coin Hunting, Dry Beach/Fresh Water Hunting

- Jewelry Hunting, Ghost Town Hunting, Competition Events

Easy to use for any age!

“The ACE 150 offers surprising performance as well as features not found on detectors anywhere near this price range. Its intuitive controls and lightweight make it an ideal detector for competition hunts, novices or as a back-up detector. It is a detector that makes treasure hunting fun and does so without putting a dent in your wallet.”
- Lost Treasure

“A good common sense detector that is within the budget of most of us. It has the good build quality and performance that I feel can easily compete against its more expensive rivals.”
- Bob Smith, Treasure Hunting

  • Coin Depth Indicator to determine target depth
  • Low Battery Indicator: icon remains on when batteries become weak
  • Headphone Jack: quarter-inch (1/4") size
  • Interchangeable ACE series searchcoils: are available
  • Large LCD Screen with easy-to-read Target ID Legend
  • Pushbutton Controls: with One-Touch operation
  • 3-piece Travel/Storage: disassembles to 24"
  • Adjustable Arm Cuff

Search Modes (Discrimination Patterns): 3

  • All Metal (Zero)
  • Jewelry
  • Coins
Design features and specifications are subject to change without notice.

Target ID Cursor Segments

Iron Discrimination Segments   1
Accept/Reject Discrimination   NO
Search Modes   3
Sensitivity/Depth Adjustments   4
Electronic Pinpointing   NO
Frequency   6.5 kHz
Audio Tone ID Levels   3
Standard Searchcoil   6.5" x 9" PROformance™
Length (Adjustable)   42" to 51" (1.06m - 1.29m)
Total Weight   2.7 lbs. (1.2 kgs.)
Batteries   4 AA (included)
Warranty   2 Year, Limited Parts/Labor

Standard Searchcoil
ACE 6x9 inch Searchcoil 6.5" x 9" ACE PROformance™ Searchcoil
PN: 2221700
Optional Searchcoils
8.5" x 11" ACE PRO<em>formance™</em> DD Searchcoil 8.5" x 11" ACE PROformance™ DD Searchcoil
PN: 2222000
9x12 inch Searchcoils 9" x 12" ACE PROformance™ Searchcoil
PN: 2221900
5" x 8" PRO<em>formance</em>™ DD submersible searchcoil 5" x 8" PROformance™ DD submersible searchcoil
PN: 2223000
4.5 inch ACE Sniper Searchcoil 4.5" ACE Sniper Searchcoil
PN: 2221800

Optional Accessories   Garrett headphones and bags
ACE Environmental Cover-Up
  ACE Environmental Cover-Up
PN: 1619900
Protect your detector's control box from sand, dust or moisture. Clear window for easy viewing of detector control panel.
ACE Sport Tote Bag
  ACE Sport Tote Bag
PN: 1651500
Approximately 23" length with shoulder strap and carrying handles.
Garrett TreasureSound Phones
  Garrett TreasureSound™ Phones
PN: 1612500
ACE 9x12 in. Coil Cover
  9" x 12" Coil Cover
PN: 1612600
8halfx11 inch DD Coil Cover
  8.5" x 11" DD Coil Cover
PN: 1606600
1605700 ACE 6.5" x 9" Coil Cover
  6.5" x 9" Coil Cover
PN: 1605700
4.5" Coil Cover
  4.5" Coil Cover
PN: 1604200
2347500 Black Middle Stem with Camlocks   Black Middle Stem with Camlocks (For Garrett Detectors)
PN: 2347500

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