Sport Treasure Hunting

ACE 200i Display

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With the quality and performance of the ACE 200i, you can begin finding treasure right away—in your own yard or wherever you travel. Easy to use for any age!

ACE 300i Display

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Garrett has placed big features into the ACE 300i—Digital Target ID, better detection abilities, a new audio system, and more—for a price that can’t be beat.

ACE 400i Display

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The ACE 400i includes advanced features like Iron Audio, Digital Target ID, and Frequency Adjust to help you dig more treasure and less trash.

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The Garrett AT MAX Metal Detector is built for the professional treasure hunter.
Powerful, Wireless, All Terrain Performance.

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Save on an ACE™ 250 Sports pack! Includes the Garrett ACE™ 250 Detector with a 6.5" x 9" PROformance Searchcoil.

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Includes the best features of the Ace 250 but adds a powerful new DD searchcoil, enhanced iron discrimination & higher frequency.

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Garrett Exclusive Graphic Target Imaging™ (GTI) shows actual SIZE and DEPTH of target. This allows you to spend less time digging up trash and more time digging up treasure.

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SAVE on the GTI Pro-Package!
The Pro-Package includes the GTI 2500 Detector, 9.5" PROformance Imaging Searchcoil, Instructional DVD & Manual PLUS 5 other accessories!

Depth Multiplier Package IconMore Info   Shop Now

GTI™ 2500 TreasureHound™ EagleEye™ Depth Multiplier™ Package includes the GTI 2500 metal detector with the 9.5" Imaging searchcoil and TreasureHound EagleEye searchcoil.

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With the ability to ignore salt water for treasure divers, the Sea Hunter's electronic housing can be mounted on the hip or above, below or under the cuff in either short or long configuration.

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AT Gold includes 18kHz frequency for enhanced detection of small gold nuggets, jewelry, coins and relics! Deep-seeking True All Metal Mode Performance for All Terrain Prospecting!

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Garrett ATX Basic Package. Extreme sensitivity.
Highly Recommended - Prospecting, Cache Hunting, Relic Hunting, Dry Beach/Fresh Water Hunting, and Surf Hunting. 

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SAVE on an ATX DEEPSEEKER® Package - includes ATX Basic Package with 12" DD Coil PLUS 20" Deepseeker® Mono Searchcoil, Land Headphones and military-grade Garrett hard case.

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Highly Recommended - Relic Hunting, Cache Hunting, Prospecting, Surf Hunting, Treasure Diving.
For underwater and heavily mineralized environments.

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The PRO-POINTER combines performance with sleek design to assist in pinpointing those hard-to-find targets. With One-Touch ease of use, you will never want to be in the field without one.

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Pro-Pointer AT provides all terrain versatility for locating and pinpointing metallic targets. It's environmentally protected from the elements and is submersible to a max depth of 3 meters.

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Garrett’s Z-Lynk Wireless System offers all the benefits of using your favorite headphones, along with the freedom from being tethered to your metal detector.



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